How We Helped Joan Sayyah by Assisting the Sale While She Was Away in Florida

The results were more than I ever expected. I became a widow. I had to sell a very large and different kind of house. It was a 4 generation house and I knew I didn’t expect it to sell as quickly as it did. We did all the preparation and I had a contract within 10 days. Unfortunately it was a VA loan and they were very picky on every requirement, the things to repair, and things they wanted to see done. Anything that was major was fixed. We had a particular problem with the well. It was put in by a local person. The VA wanted person certified by the state or higher. They didn’t like the license that this person had. What it did was, it held up my moving. I had given Valerie permission to act in my behalf. And every time something came up they would call me up, they would fax me the papers, and I would sign them and fax them back. I guess the bottom line is I was moving my family to Florida and I couldn’t be in both places at one time, nor did I have the money to run back and forth, and they just made it more comfortable for me and they got it done. I think they went above and beyond for me. The whole team. It was different people that took care of different parts of it.

 Joan Sayyah - Home Seller

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