Helping Baby Boomers Find a New Home

The Air Assault Team deals with many clients in the type of market affected by an increasingly familiar trend: baby boomers looking to downsize or relocate to a different area.

Unfortunately, this is not always an easy thing. The process requires a special insight augmented by the type of valuable experience Valerie Kelly-Hunter and The Air Assault Team offers.

One person who knows this very well is former client, Perceita Beasley. As a lifelong resident of Clarksville, her decision to move to Orlando, Florida didn’t come easy. It took her about a year to make up her mind.

With most people of her age group, the decision is difficult before they’re even ready to sell. You have to choose things like where, and how far you’re willing relocate. Then you have to make sure the house is in the right condition to be sold.

The home sold before
it was even listed!

By the time she was motivated to sell, we had a plan in place to complete the rest of the process. Combining this with Beasley’s own due diligence, the home sold before it was even listed! When asked what was the best thing that was done for her, Beasley couldn’t just single out one thing. She explained how easy the process was with the team’s support.

Her experience was the simple effect of having a streamlined staff in place that understands the needs and wants of its clients and creates a kind, caring atmosphere out of what would’ve otherwise been a stressful situation. She highly recommends our services as a result!

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in the surrounding area, give me a call or send me an email! I’d be happy to answer your questions about this topic or more.

How the Air Assault Team sold our house quickly despite some difficulties that came up.

"They were awesome. They actually got our house sold in six days. Now, I know it’s not all because of their effort, but a combination of a lot of efforts, but they did a really great job and went way out of what you would expect a real estate company would do to get it sold. We actually, there were a lot of things on our replacement report once the house was inspect and they worked tirelessly to get all of those things resolved and actually volunteered to hold money for like, six weeks in escrow at their company for, who purchased our house to get these repairs done. So, even after we closed on the property, they were still really involved in trying to get closure for everyone concerned."
-Christina Jablonske

What Is an Acceptable Offering Price for a Clarksville Home?

People are always wondering what a fair price for a home would be in Clarksville, especially in such a busy market. There is a very fine line between offering too little or too much when you put an offer in on a home.

So, how should you price your offers? I recommend that you look at the list-to-sale price ratio of homes in your neighborhood. The list price is what the sellers initially asked, and the sale price is the final price of a home. Our current list-to-sale price ratio is 98%, so you can get away with offering just a touch below the market value.

You can get away with offering
just below the list price.

However, this strategy will not work everywhere. It depends on what market you’re in and how competitive it is. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this. 

Stay tuned for more market updates and excellent information about the Clarksville real estate market!