How the Air Assault Team made selling my first house a great experience.

"Very professional, very knowledgeable, a great team from start to finish with all the different individuals. Whether it be the ones that are prepping you or showing the house or helping you make arrangements or suggestions for up-grades, just all around a great experience on how they treat their customers. And, on how they give you the right direction for when you are trying to sell your house. Because it was my first time selling a house, so it was all kind of new to me. It made the process very easy to understand. They helped me be able to take all of my up-grades that I was paying a lot out of pocket for and be able to incorporate those in the final closing costs and kinda be able to be reimbursed for paying for the up-grades that I had payed out of pocket for initially up front. And everything they said yes, whether it was the light-fixtures or hardwood flooring, everything helped the house tremendously become more visible and there were actually several showings. And once I made all the suggestions that they talked about complete, the house sold rather quickly"

-David Bryant

4 Tips to Make Your Home Look Larger

How do you make a small home look bigger? If you bought a small home and are looking to sell, there are a few things you can do to make it look larger than it actually is to entice buyers:

  1. Use mirrors. Mirrors make any room look larger. They’re inexpensive and you can use various types for bathrooms, kitchens, and family room areas. Just remember not to get too ornate.
  2. Don’t set out large furniture. If you have large furniture and you’re ready to sell, you need to move some of it out. That will open up the interior space and make it look clean.

    Decluttering and removing
    large furniture will open up
    the interior space.

  3. Declutter. Clutter closes your spaces off and makes your rooms look smaller.
  4. Hang curtains higher on the wall. If you have curtains in a small room, move those curtains all the way up to the ceiling. High ceilings are something buyers look for, and moving your curtains up will make yours seem taller.

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