How We Helped Kim Santiago by Using Our Experience to Set up Her Home for a Successful Sale

I got personal attention. In my personal attention they figured out what I needed, what I wanted, and they were there for me. Sometimes when you are looking buy or sell you kind of get too much at one time, but they always kept me focused. And I really appreciated that and working with Valerie is just awesome. She came to the house before we even had it on the market and told me all the things that we needed to do to make it sellable. And I think a lot of her experience in selling homes really pointed us in the area that we needed to work on. It’s unbelievable how quickly our house sold. I really treat it all to coming in, setting up what we needed to do for the painting that we needed to do and not just the pretty things, but the main things that we needed to do to sell the house. I think that’s the reason we sold the house so quickly.

 Kim Santiago - Home Seller

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